Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or better
Supported by our “legendary” RWA fast response for customer support… telephone hotline, fax, and e-mail.

Security – Permissions can be assigned for
Each User, or department

Add, change, delete or inquiry only

Multi Level Security.

Print Reports on Demand

Easy Downloads to all Microsoft Office Products.

Tax Assessment

User Friendly Tax Administration System including Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, Supplemental and Personal Property Declaration module.
  • User Defined Master Tables
    All State mandated OPM reports and all State Mandated Electronically filed Forms.
  • Automatic calculation of elderly freeze tax benefit and elderly home owners tax credit program
  • Change of Certificates
  • Labels
  • Full integration with Collection Module
  • Cama Bridges
  • Personal Property Penalty notices and reports
  • Automated pricing of regular and supplemental motor vehicle records, values from book value along with Vin Decoder Import/Export
  • FILE EXPORT options include Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or other text file

Tax Collection

Tax Collection system integrated  easy to use billing  system

On-line (real-time) cash collection system

  • 15  year tax history inquiry

  • C-Pace Bills 

  • Delinquent bills, warrants, statements, liens, back tax reports, over payment and refund history reports

  • Interfaces with Our Own  R Walsh Associates  Financial and Utility Billing  Packages and or Any other Financial  Module.

  • On-line delinquent statements with user defined penalty and tax payer status codes and fees

  • Automatically process lock-box, escrow  and bank services

  • Posted rate books

  • All State Mandated OPM reports

  • Automated Put-On and Take-Offs/Single Putons

  • Tax Payments and History Lookup

Utility Billing

  • Handles Usage, Metered, Assessment and various types of bills including C-Pace and Trash  

  • Rates can be metered, flat rate or fixture usage, or assessment based on footage, acreage, property value, units, or fees

  • This system does interface directly with the GEMS.NET Tax Collection Module

  • Capability of adding usage surcharge fees  

  • Ability to set minimum metered bill amounts by Rate Code

  • Ability to interface to data collection reader files

  • Ability to assign District and Phase to accounts